Workshops Followed by 6 months advisory at Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology, Panipat, Haryana

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What do we deliver which others fail to do so?

  1. Workshops conducted at City Innovates Learning Centre Gurgaon

  2. We have developed our own set of documents which provide crystal clarity of NBA and NAAC process. The outcome based NBA process has been made very simple to understand and implement. We provide this to each of the participating faculty attending our workshops. The written material has been conceived with due care and professionalism which provides the meaning of each criterion and examples of how the desired process needs to be documented by the Department and faculty.

  3. We do understand that one of the most difficult parts of the report writing is the process of gathering information and collection of data. We have thus created sets of forms/formats, relating to each sub criterion which when circulated to the environment and stakeholders ‘on’ or ‘offline’ would fetch feedback/data, enabling easy compilation. These forms become very important supporting documents attached at the end of the Report as annexure.

  4. We have created a 'Faculty Assessment and Evaluation Diary' for every Course. The diary provides the entire outcome-based process information explained in simplest form and gives the guidelines how each faculty taking a course needs to fill in the same for ultimate assessment of the students and whether the course had met the program outcomes.

  5. We have analyzed in detail as to how an institute needs to secure more than 75% marks in each criterion and we have specific recommendations to make based on the strength and weakness of the institute, its available resources and potential.

  6. We go beyond the charter and suggest to the institutes how to build the quality process effectively, namely functioning of IQAC, Internal Academic Audits, Department Efficiency trackers and instituting education reforms which have far reaching excellence outcomes.


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If you know the answers to most of the following questions, you need not attend our Workshop:

  1. How to set up a functional Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAC) in the University/College and hold regular meetings? How regular progress on all seven criteria and Departments specific deliverables should be recorded after every meeting for effectively transferring this into formulation of IQAC Annual Report, required to be uploaded on the Website for at least three years preceding the Accreditation date?

  2. What is the importance of regular academic audit prior to NAAC accreditation? How to do quarterly/bi-annual academic audit of the University/College by incorporating external auditors?

  3. How to make up the shortfall in students-to-faculty ratio effectively by assigning teaching load distribution in a multi-disciplinary setting?