NAAC Accreditation


HEIs are expected to read the below given details carefully and note the specifications of the revised process of A&A.

  1. Two Window System: Applications will be accepted from HEIs during two specified periods in a year, i.e., May 1st – June 30th & November 1st – December 31st. These two periods are the two “Windows” open for seeking A&A following all procedural details. Any change in the timing of window will be notified on the NAAC website.

  2. Eligible HEIs seeking A&A are required to submit Institutional Information for Quality Assessment (IIQA) online. Duly filled in IIQAs of eligible HEIs will be accepted by NAAC for further processing and others will be rejected. NAAC will communicate to the HEIs within 10 days.

    In case of rejection of IIQA applications specific suggestions would be given to HEIs to facilitate them to resubmit IIQA within the same Window or the subsequent window. An institution can reapply twice after the first attempt resulted in rejection. That is, each HEI is permitted three attempts within the same Window or the subsequent ones, with a single fee. After this, it will be considered a fresh application with required fees.

  3. The SSR has to be uploaded along with the IIQA.

  4. The SSR of the HEI the IIQA of which has been accepted will be subjected to further process. HEIs will ensure that their IIQAs are submitted in such a way that there is adequate time available for processing submission of the SSR within the same Window. In rare cases HEIs can submit SSR in the subsequent Window.

  5. The SSR has to be submitted only online. HEIs should make necessary preparations with the required data, documents and/or responses before logging on to the SSR online. Careful study of the Manual will be of great help in this regard.

  6. The SSR comprises both qualitative and quantitative metrics. The quantitative metrics add up to about 65% and the remaining about 35% are qualitative metrics

  7. Introducing pre-qualifier for peer team visit, as 30% of system generated score. Institutions securing 30% on the quantitative metrics will qualify for onsite peer review/assessment. The pre-qualifier scores are exclusive of the Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS).

  8. The data submitted on quantitative metrics will be subjected to validation exercise with the help of data validation and verification partners of NAAC. The responses to qualitative metrics will be reviewed by the Peer Team on site only after the institution clears the pre-qualifier stage.

  9. The process of Data Validation and Verification (DVV) by NAAC partners will be done in not more than 30 days. Any Institution found to be providing wrong information/data during validation and verification stage may be asked for clarification or their application for A&A may be rejected.

  10. On the basis of clarifications submitted by the HEIs data will again be referred to the DVV partner for review. The entire process shall not exceed 30 days.

  11. After getting the report from DVV partner, NAAC will intimate the result to the HEI stating that they have successfully cleared the pre-qualifier within 10 days. This indicates that the institution has entered the next round of assessment – by the peer team during their on-site visit. The focus of Peer Team visit will be on the 30% qualitative metrics.

  12. Concurrently with the DVV the Student Satisfaction Survey will be conducted online by NAAC. However, this is not a part of the pre-qualifier.

  13. Peer Team visit shall be organized within 30 days from the date of clearing the pre-qualifier stage.

  14. Based on the size and scope of academic offerings at the HEIs, the number of days and experts for onsite visit may vary from 2-3 days with 2-5 expert reviewers visiting the institutions. The visiting teams’ role would be very specific in the revised model limited to Qualitative Metrics (QlM). The teams would play an important role in reviewing the intangible aspects.

  15. Unlike in the past NAAC will not pre-disclose the details of the visiting teams and HEIs will not be responsible for Logistics for the Visiting Teams. NAAC has identified the external agencies to take care of the logistics for the peer team visit.


What’s New?

  • Apply for NAAC only during two specific windows
    • May 1st – June 30th
    • November 1st – December 31st
  • Provide AISHE reference number/Code which means you need to submit your data to AISHE and register.
  • 3 levels of NAAC Accreditation Process