Our Profile

We were raised in January 2013 to meet a sudden shortage in trainers in the out-come based education process, particularly applicable to the higher education institutes in India, which arose as a result of Government of India, introducing outcome-based education through the National Board of Accreditation and making it mandatory for the institutes. With over 65 thousand institutes of higher education in the country seeking crystal clarity of the process, it has been a challenging time for the City Innovates to guide the institutes through their processes. We have done this quite well so far. The demand for learning has further increased due to the UGC and AICTE making it mandatory for institutes to apply within six months of their becoming due for accreditation or face de-recognition.It took a rigor of almost a year of research, building a body of knowledge and competence, before the first Maser class on accreditation was delivered by the Company in the year 2014.

It entailed deep study of out-come based education systems of the world's leading education institutes, the accrediting agencies and studying our newly introduced system, largely derived from the ABET for the engineering and AACSB, ACBSP for the Management studies- all CHEA recognized agencies in the United States of America. The faculty invested their time in the selected universities in the United States in the year 2014-15 and profoundly understood the system and process to establish a strong co-relation between the Indian and US Education systems. Our workshops are quite impactful and over 90% participating faculty have rated these as 'excellent'. Faculty of over 50 institutes in NCR have either attended our workshops or the institutes have received our long-term consultancy. You may take a look at our website www. Cityinnovates.com and go through our accreditation and blog menu for more information.

We enable institutes of higher education attain top accreditation grade in NBA and NAAC.


We are now a brand for what we do. The prime differentiator lies in our ability to provide clarity on the accreditation process to our institutes. We have created unique enabling documents and formats for collecting and collating information which no other training agency does. We go deep down in the substance of the system and see the reason and its purpose. We are also unique in the way we provide consultancy to the institute based on institute-specific strengths and weaknesses assessed by us through a rigor of the SWOT analysis. Hence we are not just the ordinary run-of-the mill team of trainers who deliver a typical formatted workshop without addressing the real concerns of the institute, and instead mentor, how best they can remove their shortcomings to attain high grade in accreditation.

All this and more, comes to us with years of quality experience of our expert teaching faculty and trainers in industry and academia. We believe that pure academic would cut half the ice; the rest done by the niche experience of what industry wants from the academia. Our faculty has invested a major part of their career in establishing quality processes and do possess significant hands-on-experience of having accredited education institutes by ASIC (UK), ABET (USA), NAAC and NBA. The wide experience of ABET system in USA and Canada of our faculty is unique and reflects on the deep understanding of why and how our systems are required to transform the learning into measurable outcomes.